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NOTE - I wrote this to chubby lesbian girls kissing my wife. It's not specifically a true story, though we have had some group experiences. It is written to her, so it assumes that we know what we look like. My wife is 5'8" 150lbs, curvy but fit, DD tits, long dark hair, very young looking face. She's 27, and totally hairless from the neck down. I'm 250lbs, 6'1" former football player, short dirty blonde hair, and 7" dick when hard, and I keep myself shaved. Hope you enjoy!

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We arrange to take black chubby gay the day off and have a marathon. After a relaxing morning of coffee, you excuse yourself to get ready for our guest. You take a bath, shave your body smooth and put on a sexy pair of thigh high stockings, a g-string and a spaghetti strap bustier. Our bedroom is clean, and it's a rainy day outside

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